Nutrients that Complement the 6 Carotenoids

Enriched with Vitamin E, DHA, B Vitamins, Blackcurrant extract and billberry extract, there are the ingredients to support your healthy lifestyle!

Manufactured in a GMP      -Compliant and ISO22000       Certified Factory

In order to deliver safe products for your consumption at any time, we have set strict standards so as to maintain the safety and steady supply of the product. Regardless how far we have come since the start of this health supplement business, we will strive to keep our eyes fixed on the starting point as well as our primary purpose of starting this business, and fulfil our promise to produce quality products.

*1 Solely from the viewpoint of Naturally Plus.

*2 Largely dependent on one's dietary habits and carotenoids intake.

*3 According to the PCT international patent application system, a patent filed in a contracting state of the Patent Cooperation Treaty will be recognised across the contracting states.

*4 Standards set to control manufacturing process and ensure product quality for dietary supplements. By manufacturing and performing appropriate quality checks according to these strict standards, we produce high quality products.

*5 An international standard of the food safety management system. A standard that comprises a mix of technological standards and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point: a system used in the identification, assessment and management of important risk factors related to food safety) to ensure food safety in the manufacture, distribution and sale of food.

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