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Your preferred choice for hydrogenised drinking water


At Naturally Plus, we understand that water is the healthiest way to stay hydrated. We aspire to make IZUMIO your drink of choice and to help you cultivate healthier drinking habits. A product of improved manufacturing technology, IZUMIO now boasts an even higher hydrogen dissolution ratio of 2.6ppm※1 that puts it at the top of the industry. With more than 230 million units※2 sold to date, IZUMIO is the brand you can trust.


So, choose IZUMIO today as your number one premium beverage!



※1 Average reading at point of filling.

※2 As of August 2017.

reasons why you should choose IZUMIO



IZUMIO is among the best-selling product in the hydrogenated water market in Japan

With more than 230 million units※1 sold since its launch in 2007, IZUMIO is the brand you can trust.


With patented manufacturing method, IZUMIO boasts a hydrogen dissolution ratio of 2.6ppm※2

IZUMIO now gives you more hydrogen than before. With improved filling technology, the hydrogen dissolution ratio of IZUMIO is now among the highest in the industry at 2.6ppm. 


The redox potential of IZUMIO is between

-570 to -700mV※3

The redox potential of IZUMIO is negative, which means that IZUMIO has reducing power. Any given substance has the power to oxidise or reduce another substance. The measure of the power of a substance to oxidise or reduce is its redox potential.

※1 As of August 2017.     ※2 Average reading at point of filling.     ※3 At point of shipping.


Oxygen and other gases in the water are removed through the membrane

Hydrogen is passed through the

membrane and dissolved in water



Dissolving hydrogen in water with membrane dissolution technology

The IZUMIO manufacturing process employs a technology that makes use of a special membrane that is permeable by gases but not liquids. Through this membrane, air dissolved in water is removed from the water (through a process called “degassing” or “deaeration”), and subsequently hydrogen is dissolved in the water.

The manufacturing process of hydrogen-rich IZUMIO employs membrane dissolution among other examples of cutting-edge technology.


High hydrogen dissolution ratio maintained with aluminium film pouch and packaging method

IZUMIO is packaged in a four-layered aluminium pouch that offers high shielding protection. Research and testing have been carried out to ensure that the cap on the aluminium pouch is leak-proof even when IZUMIO pouches are laid upside down in their cartons, and that the high hydrogen dissolution ratio of the product can be maintained even for long periods of storage.


※1 Health Supplement GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) refers to a standard that can be implemented on work processes and appropriate quality checks for the manufacture of quality products. (Kanuma factory & Kumamoto factory)

※2 FSSC 22000 (Food Safety System Certification) is a framework developed to ensure food safety, and is based on existing ISO Standards. As we adhere to these strict standards during production, we ensure that our products are safe for consumption. (Kanuma factory)



Health Supplement GMP※1-compliant, FSSC 22000※2-certified factory

The designated manufacturer for IZUMIO is located in the mountains of Tochigi prefecture, where clean air and clear water abound. The factory employs state-of-the-art facilities and is Health Supplement GMP※1-compliant and FSSC 22000※2-certified. IZUMIO is manufactured in a clean and sanitary production environment.

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