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Achieving overall health and beauty

from the inside out


Are you concerned about the impact of unhealthy lifestyle behaviours and poor eating habits have on your body? As we begin to work longer hours in this fast-changing world, eating out regularly and late-night eating are fast becoming a way of life. Naturally Plus recognises that it is simply not enough to increase our intake of healthy food; we need a supplement like PARAMYLON ARX to help us remove unwanted substances from our body* to maintain overall health. 


*Refers to the management of unhealthy dietary habits.



Formulated with euglena containing more than 55% paramylon!

As paramylon is said to help remove unwanted substances from inside the body*, the higher the paramylon concentration inside the euglena, the more efficiently it can remove the unwanted substances*. Paramylon is contained within euglena, and the percentage obtained - which is more than 55% - is the maximum we can obtain from this living organism. This is a value that tops the industry.




Developed in collaboration with euglena Co. Ltd, the driving force behind the euglena boom

This product is the result of the combined efforts with euglena Co. Ltd, the pioneer of euglena research and the driving force behind the euglena boom. Presently, only Naturally Plus has acquired the logo of assurance of “euglena gracilis EX55” for this white euglena, which was born from the partnership with Naturally Plus.




Incorporates 2 ingredients that are compatible with good intestinal bacteria!

FLORA PEPTIDE™ is an ingredient unique to Naturally Plus derived from milk protein and is compatible with good intestinal bacteria in the gut.

Xylo-oligosaccharides is an ingredient that promotes good bacteria such as lactobacilli. Therefore, xylo-oligosaccharides are recommended for the maintenance of your wellness.

Cultivated in the FSSC 22000※1-certified manufacturing technology research facility

The euglena used in PARAMYLON ARX is cultivated on the island of Ishigaki, in the facility of euglena Co. Ltd, which has acquired the FSSC 22000*1 certification, where it is bathed in abundant sunlight and blessed with a source of crystal-clear water that is rich in minerals.

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